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Verna Bartnick, a sculptor in bronze, direct metal, and fused glass, makes pierogies and egg noodles on the side for her restaurant. The Old Mission Tavern adjoins the large art gallery, the Bella Galleria, which exhibits the original fine art work of 70 regional artists.

The circle and the Mother and child are recurrent themes for Verna's sculpture. Jacob Epstein and Henry Moore are her favorite sculptors. Epstein's works have been a strong influence on her, as his images evoke a sense of spirit in their forms, which she strives to emulate.

Much of her artwork has been commissioned for churches from Michigan to Florida. Her interest and study of comparative religions and philosophy has found her uniquely prepared to address matters of faith as strong elements for art forms.

Hagar & Ishmael
"Hagar & Ishmael "

Lord of the Dance

"Lord of the Dance"

Richard Drury, an architect/friend, was influential in securing her first commissioned work and others followed as a result. In Traverse City her work may be seen at St Francis Church (St. Francis and Stations of the Cross), Temple Beth El (Tree of Life) and at NMC Biederman Building (Bust of Les Biederman).

See Verna's work at Bella Galleria, 17015 Center Rd. in Traverse City, Michigan.

Verna Bartnick
Verna Bartnick

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