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The Ultimate Multi-Use Trail Groomer

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The SNO-BLASTER 33 was developed for snow-sports that benefit from a combination of snow removal and compaction. The patent-pending 33” wide V-plow floats on a compacted base or can be adjusted up to leave as much snow as desired.

Fat-Bike, walking/hiking and sled dog trails can be quickly leveled and compacted. Lake activities including access trails, ice fishing and ice road construction are made effortlessly with a SNO-BLASTER.

A choice of four different Wing Sets permits trail widths from 32”- 44”. The compaction pan/sled has a snow comb with15 grooves per foot, providing stable footing. Locally purchased, solid concrete blocks are used as weight.

The plow runner/ski moves the plow up and over hidden obstacles. The plow lift permits easy adjustment and allows the plow to be carried out of the snow when establishing a base.

The SNO-BLASTER 33 is commonly pulled by a 15” wide, long-tracked (136+”) snowmobile or tracked ATV.

A breakaway coupler for either a standard snowmobile (pin-type) hitch or a ring coupler for a pintle (hook) hitch is provided.